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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. no deal yet. one day away from a government shutdown. a late-night meeting and last-minute scramble at the white house, as millions of americans face major delays in getting their tax refunds. house speaker, john boehner, tells me why he's not backing down in a "gma" exclusive. not again. we reveal the air traffic controller asleep on the job. he made his bed and went to sleep in it, while planes are heading right for the runway. >> we got our clearance. but we don't have any radio contact with them. hiding in plain sight. a fugitive breaks her silence after 32 years on the run. this morning on "gma," the all-american mother finally talks about her secret past.
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and all-ears on this stair. why do so many people want to look like elves? the bizarre, new fad for pointy ears. hello, everyone. i'm here with cynthia mcfadden. you're going to have to answer that question for me. i have no idea why people would want those kind of pointy ears. >> george, i think it has something to be, may the force with be you. you answer to me why it would be in anyone's interest to shut down the government? >> it isn't in anyone's interest. hock 58 that's why president obama called negotiators to the white house late last night. there was some progress. but still no deal. but that was echoed by the congressional leaders, including house speaker, john boehner.
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i spoke to him in the afternoon. and the speaker laid out a hard line on negotiations. and i spoke to him on capitol hill yesterday. it was a real crisis atmosphere, in part because no one knows how this will turn out. and they know what a shutdown would mean. >> i want to hear your prediction later. in japan, there's a tidal wave of debris headed for american shores. and more concerns this morning over radiation seeping into our fish supply. we're putting your favorite dishes to the test. and a stunning case of road rage. a mother says someone fired into her car, hitting her 4-year-old son all because she didn't react fast enough to a green light. can you believe that? we're going to hear from the mother this morning. let's get right to the latest on the government shutdown. jon karl is on capitol hill. jon, staff has been working through the night on a possible deal. and i guess one of the most tangible signs of progress, when house speaker, john boehner, and democrat leader, harry reid, left the white house last night,
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they spoke to the press together for the first time. >> reporter: the first sign of progress. and all sides suddenly seem aware, george, that they really don't want a government shutdown. after the meeting, signs of progress. but still, no deal. >> i thought the meetings were frank. they were constructive. and what they did was narrow the issues and clarify the issues that are still outstanding. >> we do have some honest differences. but i do think we made some progress. >> not there yet. but hope lies eternal. >> reporter: with time running out, we're learning more about who would be affected. first up, for 800,000 federal workers, it means staying home. not even the fbi is excluded from that. >> there's a number of our persons don't know whether they will be here on monday. >> reporter: as for the troops, we learned their paychecks won't be mailed out during a shutdown. although they will get back pay after the government reopens. as for the tax returns, if you
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file your return electronically, there will be no delay. but if you filed the old-fashioned way, you'll be waiting for your check. just like j.t. henderson of kentucky, an adoptive dad that mailed his return. >> it makes me, like most americans, angry and frustrated. >> reporter: president obama saw henderson's story on "world news" with diane sawyer and singled him. >> he said his family is scraping by. and he might not get it. j.t. said, if he could speak to all of us directly in washington, he would tell us that all of this political grandstanding has effects as it trickles down to normal, everyday americans. >> reporter: there's the sixth grade class at central elementary. they've been looking forward to visiting washington, d.c. on monday. >> the government is mean. >> reporter: but now, they may be due for an entirely different civics lesson, as most of the city may be shut down.
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now, members of congress and the president don't have to worry about a government shutdown, as far as their paychecks. their checks will come regardless of whether or not the government is open for business. >> jon, thanks very much. that potentially explosive issue of congressional pay is one of the topics i covered in my exclusive interview with speaker boehner. he also took on claims by democrats that he's kowtowing to the tea party. and hours before that meeting, seeming like he wasn't ready to accept president obama's proposal. >> we're fighting for the largest cuts that we can because it will help our economy. >> but you called for $32 billion in cuts in your original proposal. now, you're at $33 billion. >> remember where all this started. the democrats controlled the house last year. they controlled the senate. they should have done this budget last year. we're cleaning up last year's mess. >> when you came in this year, your leadership proposed a bill that would cut $32 billion.
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now, you're beyond that. why? >> the house came up with $100 billion worth of spending cuts. and specific policy writers that have been part of everybody appropriations process. and we send it over to the senate. it's been 46 days. the senate has not acted. >> you mention the policy writers. some of them include cutting funding for planned parenthood. cutting enforcements for the environmental protection agency. the president says those have no place in a short-term continuation resolution. your response? >> there's never been a process where there's not limitations on what the administration can do. when it comes to out-of-control bureaucracy in washington, that comes in the way of jobs in america. the american people do not want taxpayer dollars used to fund electable abortions. >> if you hold on to that, the white house and democrats have been very clear. there's no deal. the government is going to shut down. >> we're going to continue to have conversations with our
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colleagues across the aisle. and i'm hopeful we will be able to come to some agreement. >> should it happen, do you think it's right for members of congress to be paid during a shutdown? >> george, our goal is to cut spending. not shut down the government. >> i understand that. i know that's not what you want. it may happen anyway. and if it does -- >> george, i've said that 1,000 times since the first of the year. i do not want to shut the government down. i think that's irresponsible. >> i understand that. >> and the house will act as soon as tomorrow to ensure that the government is open, while we work to reduce spending. >> i take you at your word that you don't want a government shutdown. i believe you don't want a government shutdown. if it happens, do you think members of congress should get paid? >> no. they shouldn't be getting paid, just like federal employees won't be getting paid. >> some of your colleagues have said that you will only sign on to a deal that will get 218 republican votes. is that true? >> i never said that privately. nor have i said it publicly. >> the democrats say they can cut a deal with you.
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but you don't buck t tea party. >> listen, there's no daylight between the tea party and me. >> none? >> none. >> and bottom line, do you think this will be a deal that will get a majority of republicans supporting it? >> i feel good about eventually getting to a deal. >> congressman paul ryan put out his budget yesterday. a blueprint of about $6 trillion in cuts. the president's press secretary says it fails the test of fairness by giving tax cuts to millionaires and putting the burden on senior citizens and students. >> well, listen. we've made it clear that we were not going to punt. we were not going to whistle past the graveyard, like congresses in the past. we've got big issues facing our country. and it's time to face up to them. paul ryan did a marvelous job in outlining how we can reform this government. >> but do you think -- >> the president -- i've been begging the president for months. mr. president, let's lock arms. >> what did he tell you? >> let's do this together.
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>> what did he tell you? >> well, i'd like to work with you. but we'll see. we'll see. when are we going to face up to the big challenges that our country faces? we are not going to kick the can down the road. >> let's say the president comes to the table. takes on your challenge on medicare. maybe on social security. can you imagine a situation where your conference would vote for revenue increases? >> i think my team is ready to deal with these big questions. >> including that? >> it's time to sit down -- i'll put everything on the table. i'm not interested in raising taxes on the american people. but if it takes leaving it on the table to have the conversation, i'll have the conversation. >> you worked a lot more with the president in the last three months than you have in the previous several years. what have you learned about him? >> we always had a very good relationship. we get along. get along fine. but we have very different visions for what america should look like and what the role of the federal government should be. >> you think it might take 18 holes between you and him to get this deal done? >> i would hope not. >> no?
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that's not going to happen anytime soon. >> if the president wants to play golf, it's the president. you don't say no to the president. >> you saw newt gingrich during a government shutdown. are you going to avoid that fate? >> yes, sir. >> how the shutdown will affect you is on our website. the speaker says he doesn't want the shutdown. >> everybody says it's irresponsible. but is it going to happen, george? >> i don't think so. i think they will find a way to get a deal. there may be a few hours. but the leaders know if a shutdown comes, the congress is not prepared for it. they will be very angry. they may come to a deal and see it voted down. that could lead to a shutdown. another shocking case of an air traffic controller asleep on the job. planes heading for the runway. and no one answering them in the tower. lisa stark is in washington, where she's been tracking this all night. lisa? >> reporter: good morning,
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cynthia. when we first heard about the frightening prospect of a controller asleep on the job right here at reagan national airport. in that case, it was an accident. apparently in this case, in knoxville, tennessee, it was no accident. it was the midnight shift. the wee hours of the morning. and we have exclusive audio of what it was like in the skies that night. >> lifeguard 804 tango fox. lifeguard 804 tango fox. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, the sleeping controller didn't just nod off. he made a bed on the floor, with couch pillows from the employee break room. and a blanket. >> yes, sir. we're trying to get ahold of knoxville approach or knoxville departure on this. we cannot raise them. >> poppa charlie stand by. >> we have our clearance. but we don't have radio contact with them. >> reporter: that voice was the secondary traffic controller in the tower, working on a different floor, who fielded calls from pilots who heard only
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radio silence. on capitol hill yesterday, the faa administrator was hopping mad. >> it was unfortunately willful. and we're in the process of a disciplinary proceedings which will terminate this employee. >> reporter: the snoozing controller responded to one radio call, sounding groggy. but his fellow employee, who couldn't leave his post, handled seven flights alone, including a delta connection arriving from laguardia and at least four lifeguard flights. flights with urgent, medical missions. >> tower, lifeguard, 1 cw. same as the other guy. nobody home. >> reporter: nobody home. that's what they heard. now, both the controllers in both instances here at national and in tennessee have been suspended while investigations are under way. george? >> i'll bet that's true. lisa, thanks very much. we're going to turn, now, to the latest fallout from the disaster in japan that could be
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headed here. all kinds of debris, swept up by the tsunami. even houses and cars are floating in the pacific and making their way to our west coast. neal karlinsky has that story from tokyo. >> reporter: members of the u.s. navy's 7th fleet near the coast of japan say they've never seen anything like it. houses, cars, even tractor-trailers, bobbing in the ocean, have become a threat to shipping traffic. more than 200,000 buildings were washed out to sea by the tsunami. now, a powerful current called the north pacific gyre is carrying everything to the coasts of washington, oregon and california, before looping back to hawaii and asia. >> along the pacific, the average drift rate is five to ten miles a day. >> reporter: ocean oger in, curt evansmyer, has tracked the ocean debris from around the world. he says a year from now, we'll see things that easily float, like boats, wood from houses and plastic children's toys.
7:14 am
two years out, fishing supplies and nets will come ashore. and after three years, shoes, plastic furniture, even entire dining sets. back here on land in japan, the search is on for the missing. nearly 15,000 people, whose bodies have never been found. cynthia? >> thanks, neal. all the toxic water that leaked into the ocean from japan's crippled nuclear power plant has led to a ban on commercial fishing here. now, worries here in the u.s. about what seafood from japan is really safe to eat. abbie boudreau is in los angeles where she put fish to the radiation test. abbie? >> reporter: good morning, cynthia. we're here at a fish vendor. this is where restaurants get their fish. there's fish from all over the world, including japan. and the u.s. government insists it's safe to eat. eric repair, executive chef at new york's renowned seafood restaurant, la benaden, is not
7:15 am
shying away from fish on his menu. >> i wanted to make sure that we don't let people get paranoid about the situation. >> reporter: but he does test the fish for radiation before serving it. the fda says the fish from japan is safe to eat. but it's testing all japanese fish imports, with radiation detectors like these. we went to one of the largest wholesale fish sellers in los angeles, where 10% of their fish is from japan. just not from the waters near the leaking reactor. every fish that is bought from this place. >> yes. >> reporter: and goes to restaurants, is tested with one of these geiger counters. >> of course. >> reporter: we tested the fish for radiation. the mackerel and yellowtail barely register. we found higher levels of radiation with our geiger counter on a flight from los angeles to denver. even though the fda insists that fish from japan is not dangerous, not everyone is so sure. that's why some fish markets,
7:16 am
like fish king seafood and poultry, are choosing to stay away from it altogether. >> for our safety reasons, we'll temporarily discontinue the product. >> reporter: now, even though the fda is testing fish from japan, this owner is taking a step further. he's sending samples of his fish to a private testing lab, to make sure there's no problems. >> thanks, abbie. for other stories develop right now, let's go to juju chang at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. the fbi is on the lookout for libyans who may be plotting an attack on u.s. soil. director robert mueller tells congress, that agents are trying to intercept attacks. moammar gadhafi sent a letter to president obama, asking him to end this, quote, unjust far. and this morning there's new explosions being reported in tripoli. police have arrested a suspect in a college shooting rampage in alabama, after he
7:17 am
returned to the scene and confessed to reporters. one woman at southern union community college was killed. three others were injured. thomas may is charged with murder in what is being called a case of domestic violence. the california man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years is expected to plead guilty today. his plea deal will keep him behind bars for life and spare dugard and her two daughters from having to testify against him. finally, someone in the midwest is waking up $221 million richer. only one winning ticket was sold for last night's powerball jackpot, which had been building for months. the ticket was sold in inn. hopefully you know who you are. that's the news at 7:16. let's go to sam with the weather. >> we're going to start with hurricane season. it starts june 1st. and one of the most expected forecast to come out is the california state university forecast. and it's out. look at the number at the bottom. major hurricanes. they're expecting five. that's better than the 30-year
7:18 am
average of 2, per year. we'll continue to watch the forecasts as they come out, just before the season. here's the big news of the day, though. look at the map. from fargo, 60 degrees, to houston, 81 degrees. atlanta, 75. most of the nation is in that very mild, even hot air today.
7:19 am
half the counties of the state of minnesota are in state of emergency due to flood warnings. we have to talk about that in the next half hour. george? >> sam, thanks. now, to another one of the changes rocking the media world. glen back and fox news have announced they are parting ways. john berman joins us with that story. john, they're trying to make this seem like a friendly divorce. >> reporter: this is clearly a marriage that went sour. falling ratings. fleeing advertisers. and like many divorces, there was one partner that kept on saying things that, well, went pretty far.
7:20 am
he barked. [ barking ] >> reporter: he cried. >> i just love my country. >> reporter: he ranted. >> joe biden. >> reporter: all while he built an army of fans that he led to washington last summer, with religious zeal. >> not just pray. but pray on your knees. >> reporter: in more than two years at fox news, glenn beck was a pivotal force in building the conservative grassroots and building support for the tea party. >> does the president really think we're this stupid? >> reporter: but even for fox news, the conservative cable channel, it might have become too much. >> the bigger that beck became, the more outrageous and outlandish some of the things he said seemed to be. >> reporter: his trademark blackboard, filled with conspiracy theories. >> it's all connected. these people down here are radicals. >> reporter: his rhetoric filled. >> there's a hatred. >> reporter: his visions of
7:21 am
impending, global doom. >> i think we're heading into deep and treacherous waters. >> reporter: with these apocalyptic visions he was losing advertisers and viewers. his ratings falling 30% from last year. and as for the comics, like jon stewart, who have filled hours of shows attacking beck, they may be losing a favorite target. >> i'm sorry. i promised myself i would cry. [ laughter ] >> you get the sense that fox wasn't laughing anymore. the head of fox news says, he's read that beck was fired. haez read that beck has quit. he's happy with both interpretations. beck will keep his radio show on the internet. you'll see him in the future. >> it sounds like they're happy that beck is gone. >> i think so. coming up, mom on the run. after 32 years of hiding her secret past from the police and her family, the fugitive housewife finally speaks out. and the bizarre case of the
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. it's 7:26. morning sun is going to be loosing its battle with theclouds. so if you can get any little bit of it enjoy it. a cooler 42 in york.
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but 50 holding tight down towards patuxent river. i wanted to point out chill. temperatures near or below freezing up to the north. and ribbon of rain passioning-- passing through the poconos. the bondry pushes out -- boundary pushes our way. today, mostly dry. just a stray late shower. high of 65. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: southbound 95 this morning slow interest keith avenue to the fort mchenry toll plaza. the beltway a lot of heavy volume and it's going to be stop and go on the outer loop from 795 towards the baltimore national picas we see it jammed up at liberty road. incidents and accidents at baltimore city including an accident at light and east baltimore street. and some fire activity south clinton at hali burton many here's charl cry with -- charley with your morning news update. today a piece of american history is making its way to baltimore county.
7:28 am
a peed piece of steel from the world trade center will be brought down. a architect will design the steel. tonight the baltimore orioles finish series with the tigers. they won on monday. but lost last night. they are now 4-1 for the season. and first pitch tonight at 7:05. chris tillman who gave up no hits and no runs on saturday night gets the call for buck showalter. back to pew york for more -- back to new york for more "good morning america." we are back in a bit. c@c@c@
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check out this latest, bizarre trend in body alteration. nose rings and tattoos are so old-school. now, it's pointy ears. people actually changing the shape of their ears so they look like spock on "star trek," the elves of "lord of the rings," whatever. we'll get into that in just a bit. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. here with cynthia mcfadden. robin is on spring break. >> if you do it, it's hard to undo it. what would you say to jury duty? and how would you get out of jury duty? one woman who tried to talk her way out may end up with jury
7:31 am
duty for the rest of her life. also, check out this runaway ice, jamming up the mississippi river. wow. the story behind this wild ice. >> weather, weather, weather. changing gears. for the past -- for the first time, a california housewife is breaking her silence about hiding a secret past. marie walsh spent 32 years on the run as a fugitive. but police caught up with her three years ago, hiding in plain sight. they tossed her back in prison. but she managed to get out again. ashleigh banfield is here with the story. ashleigh? >> reporter: some people are outraged about a woman who escaped prison after serving just 14 months of a maximum 20-year drug sentence and is back on the street. this time, legally. she didn't break out this time. she was released early. most people know her by the ail lease theshe's been using for te decades, marie walsh. and according to our affiliate,
7:32 am
watv, ms. walsh is talking. 1974. the era of nixon, patty hearst and "the sting." and in michigan, susan le fez begins an odyssey that would last a lifetime. she is sentenced to a maximum of 20 years. >> it was very rough. >> reporter: today, she is breaking her silence about her arrest, her prison breakout and her 32-long secret. when police caught up with her, she was living in a $2 million home, with a husband and three children, who knew nothing of her criminal past. she talked about them after being rearrested. >> my 16-year-old is just, i think, he's just in disbelief. he can't believe it. it's so hard for him. >> reporter: now, after a controversial early release that saw her spend just one additional year behind bars,
7:33 am
marie walsh is claiming she's been the victim all along. that she was pressured into pleading guilty so many years ago. >> i made a mistake. went down the wrong path 30 years ago. but i'm just telling it just like it was. i was not selling drugs that night. i was using drugs. i was threatened that i would go to prison if i didn't plead guilty. and i was told i wouldn't go to prison if i pleaded guilty because -- you know, i would have pled guilty to anything at that point, basically. >> reporter: but that's her in 2008, pleading guilty again. this time to the prison breakout. her sentence, probation. total number of years spent behind bars, two. >> she got off easily because of the high publicity following her sensational bout as a fugitive and her subsequent arrest. or because there's other issues, like race, class and gender at
7:34 am
play. >> reporter: walsh will be on probation until 2012. as for her former identity? are you still going by marie? >> yes. that's my name. >> reporter: so, the other identity, gone? >> yeah. i feel like the whole experience, what they did to her, what they did, just destroyed susan. >> well, she's been back, living with her family in the san diego area since her release more than a year ago. she's also written a book. what do you know? and it's very critical of the penal system. she says this is what she wants to devotes her life to now. and that some of the younger kids, especially in drug offenses, just eat it up and not know what they're going into. >> an amazing story. we're going to turn to a strange case of mistaken identity. a man accused of preying on women on college campuses has many people upset and doing a double-take because of his uncanny resemblance to the actor christopher walken.
7:35 am
linsey davis is at princeton. >> reporter: good morning, george. creepy is one word being used to describe tony. it's not just his behavior that's causing all this buzz. there is nothing like a good celebrity mug shot to get people talking. nick nolte. mel gibson. lindsay lohan. and -- wait a minute. that's not christopher walken. that's tony, the 68-year-old new jersey man who allegedly tried to lure a 19-year-old girl into his car at rider university. but in his mug shot, some say he bears an uncanny resemblance to the oscar-winning walken, who is known for playing creepy roles, including "the continental" on "saturday night live." a character known to peter on the edge of being a sexual predator. >> i have an entire stack of magazines under my bed. you would be perfect for. >> reporter: now, usually all this wouldn't make national
7:36 am
news. but his looks have won him instant fame on the internet. one person wrote, it's like the love child of christopher walken and dennis hopper, bred with the love child of that mustache and jon voight. police are concerned that he's told them he fancies young women. and he's been spotted on several new jersey campuses in recent weeks. >> one of my friends ran into him on campus. that was frightening. >> the demeanor and the way he looks is kind of creepy. >> i'm a little creeped out. i'm not going to lie. that was scary. >> reporter: yesterday, he was spotted near princeton university. he was detained and released without being charged because he wasn't actually on school property. but later in the day he was admitted to a local hospital, where it was reported he was hearing voices. it's unclear if the hospitalization has anything to do with judge's orders that he seek psychiatric evaluation. we reached out to the real christopher walken for comment.
7:37 am
but not no response. >> thanks, linsey. let's go to sam champion and weather. hey, sam. >> good morning. i want you to watch this. i want to see if you can hear the power of the ice moving down the river. do we have that tape? you can hear the car. watch that. that's a metal dock. look at people taking off the dock. they know the area will flood. this is in minnesota on the mississippi river. it takes everything out with it as it moves down. now, to see how big some of these are, 2009 was a big year of flooding. and it can take the entire width of a river. it can be lake-sized. these can be huge chunks of ice that break free and flow down the rivers. we're going for a second river crest in some of these areas this weekend. could be the biggest flooding in these areas. a big deal here, from grand forks to fargo to huron.
7:38 am
48 river gauges at major or moderate flooding. this will be a tough season as we go through the melt and the thaw. here we go, one or two scattered showers. most a little north of new york city. that was for me. the camera's trying to work with me here. i was checking it to make sure i'm right. most of it is following to new york city. and we're going to dry out. and we're left with comfortable temperatures. coolish but comfortable right after that. 64 in minneapolis. 84 in dallas. time, now, to settle in for the "gma morning menu." are you ready for this? a new fad that is all about the ears. pointy, extremely pointy ears may be the new trend. plus, are you in on the
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and now, to the new fad we've been telling you about all morning, changing the look of your ears. and unlike a tattoo or a piercing, this is one change that's very, very hard to take back. so, what does it take to get pointy ears?
7:43 am
and why would anybody want to do it? andrea canning looked into it. andrea, what is this all about? >> reporter: i know exactly. can't people be happy with what they have? >> apparently not. >> reporter: people are having their ears cut open and sculpted in a unique and delicate procedure, that could leave you looking like, perhaps, one of santa's elves. we met many people online interested in getting pointy ears. but once it's done, it's tough to turn back. it's one thing for liv tyler to look like this as a half-elf in "lord of the rings." but elf ears have made for good comedy in hbo's "bored to death." >> you have the sexiest guy i've ever met. >> i know. >> reporter: but now, some people are going under the knife to have real pointy ears. or elf years. >> it's one thing that i thought would be fascinating.
7:44 am
i wasn't a trucky. but all of the sci-fi. it fit my personality. >> reporter: steve performs the procedure. he calls himself a body modification artist. he slices part of the cartilage and then sews it back together in a point. >> there's a lot of people out there who have an inner vision of themselves. and they want to express that to the world around them. i'm happy to be an artist that can provide that kind of work. >> reporter: many of the comments we found in online forums were flip about the seriousness of this type of procedure. one person wrote, i want elf ears, too. but i'm not sure what season to indict. >> i thought about it for 18 months. it's something, once you have it, it's there forever. >> reporter: and you better really want to look like an elf because doctors warn, sculpts cartilage is dangerous. >> the real risks is, one, major deformity of the year, which is very easy to have happen.
7:45 am
and, two, infection of the year. if infection occurs, it can destroy the ear within days. >> reporter: and it's also a very hard career to reverse, once the ear is permanently pointed. >> it's very difficult. and often, it's not possible to fully reconstruct a nice-looking ear. >> reporter: how about just not doing it? steve, the body modification artist in the piece, charges $600 for both ears. the procedure takes about 20 minutes. but he's not allowed to use pain medication or anesthetic because he's not a doctor. how about that? >> you know, i have to say, sam has tried to help us out. remember the avatar of sam with the pointy ears? >> i like it. i have a surprise for you, too. >> what's that? >> i was checking out your ears. and i thought maybe, we can see what it might look like. oh. >> i'm loving it. >> it does a lot for your face. nice. >> this should be the early
7:46 am
show. andrea. let's see andrea. >> oh, wow. yeah. okay. i don't know. coming up, the extreme measures one woman took to get out of jury duty. she had her ears operated on. no. and how it backfired. we'll be back right after this. all day, every day. share one of five appetizers, like our texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites. like our honey chipotle chicken crispers
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7:49 am
the next time you're tempted to concoct a tale to get out of
7:50 am
jury duty, keep this story in mind. a new york woman thought she had a surefire attempt at escape, she decided to portray ourself herself as a racist. >> is there anything you can think of that would affect your ability to decide this case. >> reporter: maybe you think of larry david when she attempted to get out of jury duty. >> i don't know if i could be impartial, given that the defendant is a negro. >> reporter: or liz lemon from "30 rock." >> i don't think it's fair for me to be on a jury because i'm a hologram. >> reporter: in a made-for-tv trial of vincent "vinny gorgeous" basciano, the juror was asked to list three people she doesn't admire.
7:51 am
her response, african-americans, latinos and haitians. when asked to explain her answer, she said they commit crimes. the judge had her removed. but if the juror thought she was off the hook, she was very wrong. the judge said she would be back in court the next day, and the day after that, indefinitely. declaring this is an outrage and so are you. after a day of duty, the judge relented, releasing the reluctant juror with a warning and letting her sneak out the back door to avoid the waiting media. the lesson here, trying to fool the judge does not pay. >> you seem fine to me. report to jury room "b." >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> everybody played a type there. good for the judge. >> i don't know. i don't mean to sound like i'm waving the flag. but jury duty really is important. there are funny excuses that we've seen. >> we have one.
7:52 am
jeannette ralson had ten of them. to finish a world of warcraft test. >> or pick me. that will be sure to not pick you. >> that won't do it. thanks very much. coming up, we're going to show you the new way to get designer fashions at deep discounts. it is all the rage online. the latest online shopping clubj that's why we make ocean spray 100% juice. it has plenty of natural goodness, but there's no added sugar. so, say, "hello," to 100% juice. and, "goodbye," to added sugar. i thought we weren't adding any sugar. oh. oh -- okay, nobody use these cranberries over -- over here. also try ocean spray light, only 50 calories, and a full serving of fruit.
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7:57 am
we spreed the 40s into the area with a steady rain. we could get up to one inch for tomorrow. but warmer weather is on the way for the weaning. let's see what he happening this thursday morning -- what's happening this thursday morning. >> reporter: expect heavy and slow in the usual troubled spots but look good in terms of incidents and accidents. none on harrisburg expressway or along the 95 corridor. looking live this is the beltway at security boulevard. traveling on the inner loop, expect reported debris in the roadway slowing things up between i-70 and up towards security. looking at the maps, everything is in baltimore city. crash cleanup continues downtown light and baltimore street. also in south baltimore, south
7:58 am
clinton between ho -- halabird and fire equipment is blobbing lanes there. another news, weather and traffic update at 8:26. now back up to new york for more of "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ people are standing wearing hats and gloves in times square. we're heating things up with the judds. everything is always stirred up when the judds are around. for the first time, mother and daughter are inviting fans into their lives like never before. they have a new reality show called "the judds." they're live this morning. >> you can see it will be a lot of fun. also ahead, how people are getting amazing discounts on luxury items, george.
8:01 am
fashionistas are logging on for big bargains on designer labels. gilt, we'll show you how to cash in. >> a popular site in our house. and jamie oliver will be back this morning. he will be live in times square, working the grill, getting people fired up. he has cajun blackened fish sticks this morning. >> we're going to help. first, the case of road rage in georgia that took a horrific turn. a 4-year-old child, strapped in a car seat was shot after a crazed driver allegedly fired in his mother's car. according to the mom, it all happened because she didn't react fast enough to a green light. yunji de nies has more from atlanta. yunji? >> reporter: good morning, cynthia. it happened at this intersection during the afternoon commute. that little boy's mother spoke to us on camera. but she insisted on wearing sunglasses to cover her face because she is scared of the gunman still at large. 4-year-old korda's ordeal began
8:02 am
at this red light. mom, tabitha williams was in her minivan, laughing with her four children. when the light turned green, the driver behind her grew impatient. >> he blew his horn. >> reporter: she turned and he followed. >> he's weaving back and forth in traffic. coming beside my car, weaving back and forth. i'm like, what's wrong with this man? he jumped behind me. and then, that's when i heard the gunshot. >> reporter: the bullet penetrated the back door. then, went through the backseat. it was strong enough to then go through the car seat. you can actually see the bullet hole right there. before hitting little korda. >> i have a hole in my van. not only in my van, but in my heart. >> reporter: more and more, road rage is taking a violent turn. >> come on. >> reporter: with cameras rolling and youtube beaming it to the world. drivers, coming unglued.
8:03 am
viciously punching each other. spitting. throwing just about everything, from coffee to crutches. tell me about what happened yesterday? >> i got -- a man shot me. >> reporter: you got shot yesterday? >> on my bottom. >> reporter: without an arrest, his mother says she can hardly sleep. >> it could have been a whole different outcome. he could have been dead and gone. i could be burying a 4-year-old. >> reporter: and now, little korda has to go back to the hospital next week. but doctors say because that bullet hit soft tissue, he will be just fine. police did recover some ballistic evidence in the car. they are now searching for a white suv. and they believe a man and a woman were in the car that afternoon. cynthia? >> thank god that little boy is
8:04 am
all right. thank you for the report, yunji. now, for other stories developing right now, let's go to juju chang at the desk. >> cynthia and george, just outrageous, crazy. we're going to turn, now, to washington. and the latest where democrats and republicans negotiated straight through the night, trying to avoid a government shutdown. as you see from our countdown clock in times square, the deadline is fast approaching. and jon karl is here with the latest. john, there's a lot at stake. >> reporter: there are 800,000 federal workers waiting to see if they will be told to stay home because the government is closed for business. but, juju, there is now some new-found urgency to these talks as both democrats and republicans suddenly seem aware that they really don't want a government shutdown. and there is now less than 40 hours to go, to prevent that from happening. but speaker of the house, john boehner and majority leader, harry reid, you see them there. met late last night at the white house. 90 minutes with the president. all three came out afterwards
8:05 am
saying they made progress. but there is still no deal. and as you know, juju, even though once those guys come up with a deal, they have to get it passed before the house and senate. >> all right, jon. you'll be following every twist and turn. thanks for that update. we're going to turn to a set back for coalition forces in libya this morning. nato air strikes hit the wrong forces on the front lines today, killing 13 men with friendly-fire. in japan, the body of the second american killed in the tsunami disaster has now been found. 26-year-old monty dixon of anchorage, alaska, was teaching english. he was in a three-story building covered by the wave and was swept out to sea. crews are racing to find bodies near the coast now that radiation levels near that damaged nuclear plant are dropping. 15,000 people are still missing. the faa is in the process of firing an air traffic controller found napping at the job in knoxville, tennessee. the controller made a bed of
8:06 am
cushions on the floor and slept for hours. a different controller on a different floor landed seven planes. and a high school senior in florida is going from homeless to harvard or any ivy league school of his choosing. leonardo carrero, had came over from mexico. but six years later, he's mulling over acceptance leaders from harvard, stanford, dartmouth, princeton and brown. >> i want to show people that even though you may be poor you don't have parents or you may not have the support you need, that those things don't matter. >> the local program that helped him chip in for school expenses and food and helped him get his legal residency from mexico. that's the news at 8:06.
8:07 am
good morning. all of the schools have one thing in xhocommon. those are schools i could have never gotten in. >> as a stanford alum, i know which one i would suggest for him. >> i do too, juju. just a wink and a nod. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. you know what? there's a moose in the crowd. >> moose. >> i know. we've gone to video. and we'll show the moose in a minute. but it's -- okay. to the snow and the ice and the hail that's going on in vancouver. this is washington, just on the other side of portland. it was a rough storm system. and more of that is dropping down to the south. that same system that brought the ice and the snow north brings rain into l.a. county later tonight. by tomorrow morning, those showers could even be into san diego. so, a quick look at the big board. we'll show you the warmup that goes on in the deep south. and it's not just the deep south. detroit is going to 60 on saturday. and by way of preview, new york could be 70 by monday.
8:08 am
so, if you guys are standing in the crowd right now, hang around for the weekend. it is wonderful in times square today. we'll have more from outside in the next half hour. george?ave more from outside in >> it looks like fun, sam. we have an inside look at one of the hottest trends on the web. an exclusive online shopping club that offers goods at
8:09 am
discounts if you act fast. vicki mabrey is here to tell us about gilt group. >> anyone shopping for high-fashion items without that high price tag. let's be honest, though. the prices are still high. but the discounts are deep. and the selection is top drawer. look around megan o'brien's jewel box of a new york apartment and you'll find evidence everywhere of her shopping obsession. >> my sheets. my pillowcases. most of the books on that shelf and down there. my throw pillows. and jewelry behind there. >> reporter: 20-something, single and fashion conscious, she's the ideal customer for online luxury retailers, like her personal favorite, gilt groupe. >> casual wrap from $350 to $149. that's not bad. >> reporter: gilt groupe is a club all the fashionistas belong. what they're joining for is a chance to buy the designer items
8:10 am
they love at 40% or more off retail. it can be addictive. >> my favorite is they give you the price that it was. and they slash it. and give you the price that they'll sell it to you for. that's what gets you, every time. >> reporter: insiders know new offerings are posted at noon. and like megan, they're ready to pounce. >> 12:02, they go live. >> reporter: and are you on there at 12:01.30? >> me and my co-workers, it's like the building shuts down for 15 minutes. >> reporter: four years ago, entrepreneurs and glamour girls, alexander willkes and maybank, took the experience global. >> we wanted to get out of some of the terrific insider deals and tried to bring that online to a nationwide audience. >> reporter: in the beginning, it was word of mouth. friends of friends signing on to get a $1,600 designer dress for
8:11 am
$500. still pricey. but more than half off. they still require membership so anybody with a computer and valid credit card can join. gilt groupe ceo susan shows us what is online to offer. clothes, jewelry and shoes, all waiting their turn on the web. things i'm seeing right now will be out of here by when? >> probably within two weeks. >> reporter: gone? >> gone. >> reporter: that's the end of that run. gilt's success has spawned competition. hautelook boasts 2 million members. another upstart has 2.2 million. but gilt is the golden girl, with 3.5 million members. chief among them, megan o'brien. >> they usually don't have sales at the stores when i saw them on gilt, on sale. i couldn't not. i do. >> reporter: and there seems to
8:12 am
be an expanding marketplace for sites like this as the economy improves and more shoppers are spending more. it's important to stress it's not just for women. gilt groupe's members include men and people of taste. are you? >> i'm not. i do know gilt groupe. when she gets the zoned in look on her laptop. >> reporter: at 12:02? i didn't know about it before i did this piece. but i got there and they had these incredible, these wonderful dishes. and i had to get those. and i had to get the earrings. >> lots off? >> about 70% off. i got some for me. my cousins. just for everybody. >> thank you very much. you're going to have a lot more on this tonight on "nightline." >> that's coming up. and coming up right here, wynonna and naomi judd join us live. oh wow, look at that. [ shrek ] calm down donkey.
8:13 am
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8:17 am
well, country music fans everywhere are rejoicing the powerhouse of naomi and wynonna judd are pulling back the curtains in a new television series. the first time on tour together in ten years. 20 million records sold. 60-plus awards. and they are here. good morning, ladies. >> and you're our friend. >> it's so good to see you both. and i have to say, i watched the first episode last night. i had a little dvd at home in bed with me. and i was riveted. >> yay. >> it is equal parts incredible courage to do it. and a little crazy to do it. why did you do it? let's start with you. >> i'm celebrating my mother. a lot of people don't get that chance. i have a second opportunity as an artist and as a daughter to celebrate the judd herstory, as well as heal our relationship.
8:18 am
we work with a guy named ted, who is our life coach. and he's teaching us how to have a healing relationship. and i thought, what the heck? and i trust oprah. i just do. i've known her for 20 years. >> it's going on own. >> it was a heart thing. it was not about tv. i don't watch reality shows. this is a docu-series. no script. >> and no net, either. it gets ready -- it gets pretty real. >> it is -- first of all, we feel like we're a circus. when you live on the road, you go to a different city every night. as you said, 18 cities in a row. and you become a family. it's very weird. not many people can live that lifestyle. but it's like we're trapeze artists. and we both swing out. and there's no net. and for that moment you go -- >> and sometimes i drop you on purpose. >> in fact, you both have been very candid about the
8:19 am
difficulties in the mother/daughter relationship. >> you are so unique in that. >> not in unique of having problems. but maybe unique in how candid you've been. and you travel on the road with a family therapist. let's look at a clip. >> one of the things that has been a problem for me my whole life. i have never had control. >> i didn't have a childhood. i worked for naomi judd. it was be on time. learn the songs. write your acceptance speech for the grammys. that just didn't work for me. >> since i was 17, in order to survive with two kids, i've had to try to have control over as many things as possible. and i sure did that during the judd days. and it absolutely wore me out, as well as everybody else that had to be around me. >> so, would you be on the road without the therapist? the two of you on the road together alone? >> that's a deal-breaker for me.
8:20 am
>> you wanted him? >> i didn't realize i make all the faces i make. but i know other people will identify with in a show because they're going to say, that's how i feel about my mother. and the mother will say, i did the best i could. that's why people relate to us. ordinary women that extraordinary things have happened to. >> you say your mother was very tough on you growing up. you're very candid about it. do you cop? do you plead guilty to that? >> totally. and one of the things with the series. i thought long and hard. oprah calls and says do you want to be on the new tv network? does a fat lady sweat at a dance? yes. do you like that? they're all snorting. i thought about it for a couple of days because i feel so serious because of my relationship with her. but i decided to do it because i knew it was going to hold me accountable for the work i've been doing with tim for ten years. there's nothing like seeing it. but i was because i was so desperate to get us out of our poverty. and i knew the only way, in
8:21 am
little ash land, kentucky, when i had no education. i barely had a high school diploma because i gave birth to her. >> that was quite an education. >> i got a ph.d. and a masters. >> okay. >> are you two friends now? >> we are. >> yeah. >> i feel like this tour, as hard as it was, bonded us. kind of like when you're in a car wreck together. you never forget it. we bonded so much. there's moments in this show when i wept when i watched, when they would send it to me. i literally would sit there and think, for anyone who watches this, if you don't call your mother and tell her you love her, shame on you. >> there's really a third person in your dueatic relationship. there's another daughter. ashley. she's written a new book, in which she's rough on the both of you. when is the last time either one of you talked to her? >> ashley called me -- she's in new york, of course. it's interesting. i think mercury's in retrograde
8:22 am
because we're following ashley on the tour. it's very interesting. >> have you talked to her? >> we're on different time schedules. she left me two messages. she was crying. she was walking through central park with buttermilk, her dog. and she said, your mom never validated you and allowed you to have your reality. my mother doesn't say she loves me or anything. these two girls are my life. i love them so dearly. and i want them both to be a succe success. >> ashley says she felt like the third man out. it was all about the two of you. is she welcomed into the fold? >> of course, she is. >> one thing about our family that hopefully will give a great deal of hope for others, even though we agree to disagree, we support who we are. and i love my sister. >> when did you talk to her last? >> that in never change. >> the next time we have the
8:23 am
judds, will you all three be together? >> is the place big enough? put on your oxygen masks. >> in 30 seconds, ladies, let's lighten it up a bit. fashion tips from the road? >> spanx. >> last time i was on tv, i mentioned spanx and they sent me stuff. okay. it works. thank you. do it again. >> all right. >> anything else? >> and hairspray and sparkles. >> the sparkles. >> they're going to take us off the air. stay around. the judds premiers, sunday april 10th on the oprah winfrey network. coming up next, jamie oliver. with being fed on. we demand k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. so let's put our paws down in protest. no fetching, no friendship till we all get k9 advantix ii.
8:24 am
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8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 8:27. a mix of sun and cloud. clouds trying to win and arrive from the north. 45 in ballmore and easton. 55 patuxent river. 57 in ocean city. low 40s back to the north and west. there's rain that passed to the north overnight. there are the clouds edging south in our direction and we have sun slipping through. expect more cloud to dominate this afternoon we will get up to 65. a chance of a shower and a chance of rain with falling temperatures overnight. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: we have at first -- we have the first accident on the inner loop approaching frederick road. looking live, this is 695 at wilkins avenue and as you see
8:28 am
traffic is slow and heavy from the scene. the crash is blocking the left lane and shoulders. expect delays from the 95 merge. looking at the maps, another crash in baltimore city garrison at baitman avenue. here charley with your morning news update. time is 8:28. a 40 mill million dollar wrongful death lawsuit has been filed. lawsuit claims an officer is responsible for the death of a 27-year-old. the suit chaims that the officer ignored an order to stop a high-speed chase this went outside baltimore city before ramming his car into the back of a moat motorcycle. that suit was filed on behalf of his mother who chaimed her son's deeing was a result of excessive-- claimed her son's death was a result of excessive force and negligence. now more "good morning america" join us for "good morning maryland" at 9. two cent topics
8:29 am
are parents pushing kids into sports too soon? weigh in and we will see you in a half an hour. gú
8:30 am
♪ you say you want a revolution ♪ not just any revolution. a food revolution. jamie oliver is firing up the crowd this morning in times square. and he has cajun fish sticks for everyone. and he's excited about it. we're all going to be out there in just a bit. >> eating. what could be better than that? >> friday. a perfect segway. 17 days is all you need to lose a lot of weight.gway. is this a fad? is it a diet you can live on? our cameron mathison asks other dieters. jim belushi is here this
8:31 am
morning. he's on broadway this morning. you know him from tv. but he's going back to his rootses. we'll talk to him. let's go back out to times square. sam has the weather. >> very nice. we were just talking. where are you from? >> monroe, louisiana. and carroll high school, as well. it's like a whole crowd. welcome in. by the way, this place is jamming. if you're in new york, you should be in times square in the morning. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about as you hit the door. we probably need to talk about -- let's show the twitter pictures first. no matter what the weather is, on twitter or facebook, every day, you give us these pictures. we're going to put them on. look at the cool clouds in bloomington, illinois. and the gorgeous florida keys. houston, 81 today. we're talking about the deep warm and south. notice the northern temperatures
8:32 am
are warming as well. it seems like good news. but in places like fargo, we're melting the ice and increasing the waters. showers move south in california. maybe by midnight, into l.a. county. and tomorrow morning, all the way down to san diego. all of that weather was brought to you by party city. as much fun as good weather is a good diet. now, a new craze is winning over a lot of people who say they've lost a surprising amount of weight really, really fast. so, how does it work? and how much could you lose? cameron mathison took a closer look. he joins us right now from l.a. tell me all about it.
8:33 am
>> cynthia, some people are claiming to lose ten pounds or more on this eating plan called the 17-day diet. and what's interesting is most people are finding out about it online. so, what else makes this diet so unique to give these great results? take a look. >> i lost 36 pounds in 4 months. >> reporter: how much have you lost? >> 51 pounds. >> reporter: 51 pounds. >> you feel better. you have more energy. >> reporter: it's the latest diet craze creating lots of buzz. >> i've lost 15 pounds. i'm at 200 pounds now. >> reporter: we hear so much about viral videos. this may be the first viral diet. and it's spreading fast. >> today is day 2 of my 17-day diet. >> reporter: it's the 17-day diet, created by san diego doctor, mike moreno. he says this plan will last, not
8:34 am
just for 17 days, but for a lifetime. >> we're eliminating all of the crap. and we're putting you on healthy food. >> reporter: rachel wilcox, a mother of three is hooked. her 17 days has turned into 4 months. she logs everything she eats on her ipad. she's tried every other diet there is. >> like atkins, that's what happened to me. i gained it all back. with this, that didn't happen. >> reporter: the plan is broken up in four phases. the first 17 days are the toughest. that's when the first big chunk comes off. kind of a cleansing. some have lost almost 15 pounds, almost a pound a day. but is it too fast? and is that safe? have you heard that rapid weight loss can be unhealthy? >> it can be if you do it in an unhealthy way. the body needs food. and the appropriate portions in terms of proteins, carbs and fat. >> reporter: we've experienced the yo-yo of dieting.
8:35 am
the 17-day diet is about eating healthy and exercising. but haven't we heard this all before? what's different this time? >> we're not depriving you. we're not taking away all of your calories. it's kind of like getting a tuneup for your car. it allows your body to process foods in a different way. >> reporter: first, you start the plan, walking 17 minutes a day. next up, more exercise. certain food combinations and dos and don'ts. >> fruits instead of sugar. nectars instead of sugar. natural things you can use. garlic, cinnamon, mustard instead of mayonnaise. >> reporter: and one big rule. no fruit or starchy carbs after 2:00 p.m. >> i'm proof it works. i just had a baby. pushing 40. >> reporter: and yogurt, particularly greek yogurt, is a big part of this plan. each cycle is 17 days long.
8:36 am
why 17? i was trying to figure out what's about the 17 number. >> in 21 days, the body and mind do things without putting effort into it. at 17 days, it's when your mind wants to develop a habit, we switch things. >> reporter: the plan has menus and recipes to stick to. and here's an interesting bonus, you get to have a big cookie for breakfast. dr. moreno's power cookie. you know what i had for breakfast? an egg mcmuffin. >> you can't eat that. >> reporter: the power cookie. >> they're good. they have wey and almond cakes. >> reporter: the thing that separates this diet from all the others is dr. moreno emsizes the power of the mind. stay mindful, really mindful throughout the day.
8:37 am
not allowing yourself to get too hungry. then, you're more likely to binge and lose control. staying mindful of how full you get. just the power of the mind. i think that makes a big difference in this book. and it's worth a read. >> i don't know. my mind is let me gain and lose the same 30 pounds 50 times. i'm going to try. i'll try anything. go to our facebook page and tell us if you tried the diet. we'll update you on the progress of the diets you just saw. up next, funny guy, jim belushi, going to join us live. welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio.
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jim belushi is back on broadway for the first time in almost 20 years. he plays a corrupt tycoon that wants to take washington by storm, in the revival of "born yesterday." good to have you back here. >> it's great to be back here at abc. had a long run on abc. >> how does it feel to be back on broadway? >> it feels great. i was raised on the boards of the theater. in chicago, did second city. the goodman theater. then, i went into film and television. so, it's really good to be back on the boards where i'm rooted and connected. >> and such a classic play to come back to. "born yesterday." >> garson kanin is the author. it was written in 1946. it took seven years to write it.
8:41 am
it's the most perfectly written play. woody allen said it's the perfect comedy. it's structured perfectly. political. >> a love story, too. >> a love story. he has everything in it. >> your character plays a tycoon that wants to go down to washington. >> i want to buy lobbyists for a junk business. he wants to buy the scrap iron that was left in europe after world war ii. he is having a little trouble. trying to grease a few senators. >> he buys a reporter. >> he thinks his girlfriend is a little too stupid. so, he hires a journalist to educate her. and, boy, he educates her. >> and this is played by robert sean leonard. >> and nina arianda, plays a young character from new york. and this is going to be a debut. you should come just to see her.
8:42 am
this will be a chance to see, for the first time, this great talent. >> i am looking forward to going to see it. and you've done so much television, as we talked about. not only "according to jim." but "the defenders." i had to get you to weigh in on charlie sheen. there is a job opening, now, at "two and a half men" if you're interested. >> i'm in negotiations for replacement right now. they're going the make me jon cryer's boyfriend. >> any chance he goes back? >> charlie? >> yeah. >> i think he's terrific. i just think he's terrific. he's a terrific actor. "platoon." he's a terrific comedian. and he's creating a great marketing thing right now. everything he does is just doing great. i think he's cool. >> very cool. and meanwhile, you not only are doing the acting. you have three cds out. >> i have a band. yes. i do the blues brothers with
8:43 am
danny. i do sacred hearts with me and my band. we do rhythm and blues. we play all over the united states. we do corporate shows and benefits and casinos. danny and i have put out a new album. "big men, big music." we're having a great time. we're seeing him this week. >> let's try a little right now, then. you brought the harmonica. >> i always bring a harmonica because you never know when there's a band. but i don't see a lot of musicians. >> i'll try to help you out. >> all right. i'll see what i can pull together this morning. >> i'll try to do better. ♪ . >> that's pretty good, man. ♪ i'm so thrilled to be on broadway ♪ ♪ i'm doing a new play called "born yesterday" ♪ ♪ it's so funny
8:44 am
it's so cute ♪ ♪ there ain't nobody that can dispute ♪ ♪ i'm so fine to be in this metropolis ♪ ♪ i'm sitting here >> i knew that was coming. >> you can sing that part. >> with -- >> with -- >> jim belushi. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ you say you want a revolution ♪ jamie oliver taking over times square for the second day in a row, george. >> he was here yesterday. you have everybody excited here today. >> i'm excited. we have barbecue now. yesterday was almost impossible
8:47 am
to cook some fish. that will cook anything. today, we're going some cajun fish. a simple rub. you're going to do a salsa. and you're going to do a fennel. >> this is your -- your second season kicks off on tuesday, right? >> "food revolution" season two. >> going for nutrition in schools. really important. >> absolutely. this is about school food. this is about the home. people's relationship with food. this year, i'm working in the fast food industry. it's a very different show. but i think you're going to like it. >> before we cook, let's show a little bit of it. >> yeah. have a look. this is the future of america, yeah? i'm not going to give you any of that. don't worry. but my point is this, guys. beautiful, perfect, unspoiled. you want them to have better than you have, yeah? from the age of 4 to the age of
8:48 am
18, your children are eating this junk. my question is this, when you look at this beautiful, little baby, is this okay? >> no. >> you're helping so many people. we've all got jobs to do. >> what we've got, we're going to do a cajun rub. this is louisiana. we're going to smash up the oregano and thyme. >> i have team fennel over here. >> you put it in the machine. the machine does it all for you. and put a whole lemon through. >> no way. that doesn't work. >> it does work. this is a sicilian salad. olive oil and a good pinch of salt and pepper. we have thyme and oregano smashed up. as he's doing that, a little bit of smoked paprika goes in. and also, a little bit of cayenne pepper.
8:49 am
we'll hit it with olive oil and lemon juice. whatever that touches will be a good day. we can do a little more fish in our diet. you can do this with pork chops, chicken. a little olive oil to put in the flavors. >> do we have enough? >> and our -- can you rub that over the fish, my man? >> yes, i can. >> lovely. you see, we get a beautiful paste. right? so, rub it here. how is the salsa going on here? two knives going. if you can chop that more rapid and get it in the bowl. so, once you've done the salad, i think you've done enough fennel. have we done the lemon now? >> yes, we did. >> we stop. we go into here. very carefully always with the blade. then, if you -- the thing is, if you're not a chef, it doesn't matter. you can let the machine do the work. also, the lemon. look how white that lemon is. >> beautiful. we did that.
8:50 am
>> you did that. let the machine do the work. you have lemon in there. you have fennel in there. it's crunchy and fragrant. i want a little olive oil and season with salt. mix, and taste. adjust. i want to see how well you did. >> how come i don't get a machine? >> you're doing it rustic style. with the knife, it can be fine. this knife still, you don't neat skill for. and this one, i learned when i was 10 years old. it's xauled rough chopping. it's really safe. and use the knife to transport stuff. use the knife to transport stuff. we have tomatoes. scallions in there. and some mint in there. now, we want to add the mexican accent. chili, olive oil, lime and seasoning. how is it going? >> my hands are covered. >> a little salt. olive oil goes in.
8:51 am
>> first side first for the fish? >> okay. you've done a great job. once you've done that, you can put it on there. once you've done that, take a little look. right? once you've done that, what we can do is get it on the barbecue. >> okay. >> it goes on the barbecue. >> it's okay. >> i got fished up with the cooking. i cooked some on. >> and? >> what i try to do is i try to cook the fish 75% of the time skin side down. what that does is allows the skin to be crispy and delicious and gorgeous. >> jamie, how do you keep the skin from sticking? >> with a barbecue or pan, you rub it with olive oil. but the biggest nonstick in the world is heat. aggressive heat, it stops things from sticking. if it's just a little warm, it will stick. >> you don't need the spray stuff? >> you can use the spray stuff. girls, first of all, the girls did a great job.
8:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] how about -- a great salad here. the point of a salad is -- try some, darling. it's all right. we're going to serve this up now. all right. look at her face. look at her face. that's because you have lemon, you have crunch. in here, we have fennel. this -- that's looking good. let me just come over to the fish. we have fish here. that's sea bass. we have some lovely -- >> it smells good. >> lovely snapper. remember, you can do this with chicken, pork chops. so many different things. and then, we have the salsa. the point of the salsa is you can't really give a recipe for salsa. it's about attitude and personality. look at this lovely man. he has attitude and personality. >> how do you know? >> a little more salt. all right. and a little more cilantro.
8:53 am
and look. >> i like it, sam. >> beautiful, delicious. you did a great job. and the juice. juice, juice, juice. there you go. my lovely friends. sea bass, fennel and lemon salad. that took 30 seconds. happy day. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
jamie oliver. with cooking chaos in times square. thanks for watching "gma." you can follow us on the web. >> let's do it again. salsa, rub, fish, salad. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
8:57 am
accurate by weatherate. i want to show you glen oak watch the cloud really start to dominate the sky even though we get a few sun shine rays here and there. 45 degrees. a cool start to the day. nothing unusual here for this time of april. but we are expecting to have some mild weather. we will be right on the edge of a boundary that is trying to slip out of pennsylvania that will bring us cooler weather and another round of rain. but today, we should see the sun give way to more clouds and if you haven't seen it, that's going to happen. we will push 65 especially on south side and cooler a little to the north of baltimore and we will get a taste of cool air tonight as the rain begins to roll in tomorrow's high temperature probably between mid night and daybreak and falling throughout the day. more on that forecast and the weekend outlook in a moment. kim brown has the final check on traffic. >> reporter: thanks. we are getting word of two new accidents. one on the inner loop at washington boulevard. the other northbound 95 approaching the o'donnell street exit. neither of the accidents report to be blocking any lanes at this time. as we look live at 695 at
8:58 am
wilkins avenue. earlier incident on the inner loop approaching frederick. traffic is moderate up towards the i-70 interchange. looking at the maps, an incident and accident in upper co route 30 at fringier road in the city two incidents an accident still at loch raven boulevard and still dealing with crash cleanups garrison boulevard at baitman avenue. traveling southbound on the jfx, a little bit heavy from ruxton road towards the 28th street exit. no major problems reported at 895 to and from the tunnel from the split to the tube "good morning maryland "is coming back starting at nine. wá
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